A village report

One academic year has passed, the final exam results have been declared, and we are preparing to start a new academic year this June.  Families Together went to the school and inspected the situation thoroughly in the last week of February and in the first week of March. We are incredibly blessed to the see the developments brought by the projects in this village. First, we had meetings with the parents of the students. We had them give feedbacks about the schools and the improvements they had seen in their children. Every parent spoke with thrilling joy and happiness. All the parents testified their children have improved a lot, even beyond their expectation. It was really pleasant to see the poor parents with their happy faces and satisfaction that were scarcely seen before, especially in regard to their children’s academic performance.

When we personally tested the reading skills of the students, it was really unbelievable too see their improvement. Before the projects were started, it was sadly seen that even the grade 5, 6 children could not read! That was the main reason why some parents used to send their children to orphanages and other child-care institutions in cities to have their children get good educations, but places where there is no parental love and affection. But for this time, it was really interesting to see even a grade 2 child can read! The parents in the villages, therefore, are no longer willing to send their children away from them because their children now get good education in their own villages.

2009 – 10 academic year was closed with most satisfaction ever in the villages. Both the parents and teachers are satisfied. We heard parents’ words of appreciation on the teachers. Students’ attendance was good. Each student academic performance had improved month by month. No student has left the school throughout the whole year.  The students have had real motivation to study hard. We are told now by the teachers that about 80% of all the students pass their exams. All the teachers enjoyed their works, are willing to continue this year also.Roblox Hack Free Robux

The schools have been blessings to the village in different areas: it creates unity in the village; children stay with their parents, some families who had already migrated to other places had resettled back; some parents called back their children whom they had sent to cities for education. In short, the projects have improved the school and the students a lot and make a great impact on the community.

We look forward to another year with development in this village in Chin State.