Don’t create more orphans



  • Studies show that 80% of the 8 million children in orphanages/institutional care have at least one living parent.
  • In Cambodia alone the number of orphanages increased by 57% in a 5-year period from 2005.
  • In many institutions, the standard of care is extremely poor and many children are abused and neglected.
  • For all children, long term stays in institutions have lasting negative impacts.

These truths come from the new Friends-International campaign: “Don’t create more orphans.” It is the same situation in Myanmar, and it is why we support village schools. Without schools, the risk of being sent to an orphanage in the city, is very high.

Christmas Project ´14

Julegaven 2014Give a child in Myanmar something special for Christmas!
For 7 dollars you can bless a child in a little village in the mountains of the Chin Hills on the border to India. 7 dollars isn’t much, but it will probably be the only gift this child will get this year. The villages don’t have much, and it can be hard for the parents to support the family even with the basic needs. A Christmas gift will be a huge blessing for the students attending our schools. It is also a great opportunity for our staff to reach out to the children.

The Christmas Gift '09What about the rest of the year?
Families Together have schools in 11 villages in Chin Hills. 7 dollars a month is enough the support education for one child. That includes salaries for the teachers, teacher trainings, and oversight by our Families Together staff. Read more here.

Give a gift for the Christmas Project!
Account number: 2801 35 60767
Account address:
Families Together, v/Stig Rune Skaran,
Vesterøya 50, 4625 Flekkerøy, Norway
IBAN: NO6428013560767

Christmas Project ’13

A village far into the Chin HillsJoin us as we celebrate Christmas with all the children in the schools that we support in the Chin Hills. About 600 children are anxiously waiting for our staff to come the long way from Yangon to visit them for Christmas. They will bring each child a gift; this has become a tradition in all these schools. This year the gift will contain a sweater, socks, a tooth brush and tooth paste, a warm blanket, crayons, a pencil, a drawing book, and some snacks. All this for only US $7. Find out how to give. You can also give with PayPal here:

Home is where the Heart is

Student in the Chin HillsHome is meant to be a safe haven where children learn to love, respect, trust, and understand other individuals. Sadly, many children from rural Myanmar grow up in institutions in the cites in order to get education. We believe children need a family around them to develop healthy. That is why we support schools in rural villages so that children can grow up in their own families. Home is where your heart is.