Family returns to village

Returning home

Ngun Chin Rin (no. 2 from the right) is seven years old and live in a small village in the Chin Hills of Myanmar. She is an eager second grader and last year at the closing ceremony of her school, she received the price for being “Best student of the year.”

Village school

Up until last school year her siblings and she had to go to pre-school/school in India because there was no opportunity in their own village. But when they heard that the village had managed to start their own school with help from Families Together, they came back with their parents. In the village the parents can be a part of their children’s upbringing and education. Their family can now be at the place where Ngun Chin Rin and her siblings receive the love and security they need to develop the way they are supposed to. They have a chance to pass on their culture, language and traditions.

School in a safe place

Ngun Chin Rin’s younger siblings attend this pre-school in the village. Families Together is blessed to be a part of making it possible for these children to have a family to return to at the end of their school day instead of having to live in an institution in the city. You can be part of making this possible for more families! Give to Families Together.

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