Happy Children’s Day (or is it happy?)

Today, June 1st, Children’s Day is celebrated all over the world. Here in Myanmar it is also celebrated with the opening of the new school year. The schools in Myanmar break in the hot season, April and May, and now, with rainy season starting, children again fill the streets in their green and white uniforms. Investing in education for our children are a good way of celebrating Children’s Day as it gives them, and the nation, hope for tomorrow (although they might not look at it that way while in school!).

Three reasons to support Families Together:

Reason #1 – Schools in every village

This is what we hope to see in Myanmar, a nation that have schools in every village in the whole country, so that children can attend school without leaving home. There are so many children attending school living in orphanages and boarding schools who could have lived with their parents if there had been a school in their village. This school year, Families Together helps 11 villages in Chin State run their own schools.

Reason #2 – Protecting children

Another important reason for starting schools in villages is that children in institutions are at the risk of being exploited. This last year we have heard a number of stories from different children’s homes in Yangon about abuse and poor living conditions. These children need someone to speak on their behalf. We want to be such a voice.

Reason #3 – Awareness

Most Chin run orphanages in Myanmar are supported by churches, organizations and individuals from other countries. As most of these groups don’t have staff living in the country, they often don’t know the real situation in the homes. Families Together relate to many of these donors to give a broader understanding of why these children are in the orphanages, and we also challenge them to reconsider other alternatives.

Let us continue to work for a better future for the children of Myanmar,

Happy Children’s Day

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